Lucky Strike Tattoo - Your Friendly Neighborhood Tattoo Studio!

11608-102 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
(780) 488-8770

Custom tattoos, No Hidden Fees, Solid, Award-Winning Pieces

Lucky Strike is proud to welcome another talented tattooer to our crew - Introducing Myke Peters! This handsome and bearded gentleman (pictured here) is from the east coast and is ready to tattoo you. Come on down or email us for a consult and book your spot today. Check out his work on Instagram @myke.peters.tattooer or check out his work on our Facebook page!

Attention Guest Tattooers: Lucky Strike has an open station for guest tattooers throughout the end of 2014 and beginning 2015. If you're coming through Edmonton and are interested in doing a guest spot while you're here, email us with the dates you're coming by and some pictures of your work and we'll be in touch.