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Lucky Strike T-shirts

Info & FAQs

Shop Info

Cancellations/Scheduling Issues

For any cancellations/rescheduling, you must contact your artist directly, and a minimum of 48 hours is required, otherwise it may result in a forfeiture of your deposit. No-shows will result in a forfeiture of your deposit. 


Consultations are always complimentary and are drop-in, so there is no need to book in for one, although it never hurts to give us a call before stopping in to make sure the artist you’d like to speak with is available. Please bring any reference material with you and if after your consultation you decide to book an appointment for your tattoo, a deposit will be required to secure your appointment, which will be applied to the total cost of your tattoo.


A non-refundable cash deposit will be required to secure your appointment and will go towards the total cost of your tattoo. The minimum deposit is $100 plus GST, however, for larger pieces, we may require more. 

Health Standards
  • Alberta Health board approved and certified, the safety of our shop and for our clients is our number one priority!
  • All sterilisation equipment (autoclave) is regularly tested as per Alberta Health standards. 
  • Copies of our most recent inspection reports as well as our autoclave testing results are available for the public view on request. 

Must come in for a consult, so we can take a look at the piece you’d like covered up in person. From there, our artists can take a look, give recommendations, determine if the piece can be covered up, or if it is more ideal to undergo laser tattoo removal treatments before a new piece can be done over top. 

I'm thinking of getting a sleeve done. About how much do those cost?

This is a very common question, and honestly, we have no way of accurately quoting you on the cost of a sleeve or any piece until we have a consultation with you first. We charge an hourly rate of $160+GST, so the total cost of your piece will be dependent on several factors, including the size of your piece, the details associated with it, your artist, and your individual pain tolerance. Your artist should be able to give you an estimate on how long it will take them to complete your tattoo at your consultation, so just make sure you ask them at that time.

Do you take walk ins?

We definitely take walk ins if we are available! You can always call us at 780-488-8770 to see if we are fully booked for the day, or stop in and chat with us.

Do you offer piercing services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer piercings at this time.

Preparing for your tattoo

We will NOT tattoo you if:
  • Your skin is sunburned, compromised, infected, or traumatised
  • You are under the influence of any alcohol or drugs
  • You are pregnant or breast feeding
  • You are sick (Contact your artist directly)
  • You are planning a trip where your skin will be exposed to the sun while your tattoo is healing
  • You are undergoing radiation/chemo therapy. Please consult your physician for when it is safe to be tattooed. 
  • You have any communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepititis C, Hepatitis B, Hemophilia, or Tuberculosis
  • Avoid alcohol and any blood thinning medication (such as ibuprofen, Advil, or Aspirin) at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • We require our clients to remove their foot wear when they arrive, in keeping with our shop cleanliness and to prevent the tracking of any outside dirt/bacteria. WEAR SOCKS!!!
  • Wear comfortable clothes that won’t restrict the area that you are getting tattooed. Bring a snack and something to drink if you will be sitting for awhile. 
  • Bring any reference material to your consultation that reflects what you want as well as art/tattoo style. Paper is better than a picture on your phone, so the artist can take the material with them. 
  • Arrive well rested, well hydrated, and have a meal before your appointment. 
Will you tattoo anyone under 18? I have parental consent.

We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, no exceptions. Please feel free to stop in and chat with us about a new tattoo after you turn 18!

I just booked my tattoo appointment, when will I see the artwork for it?

This answer will vary and depends on the artist and your individual piece; please ensure you discuss this during your consultation.

Can I bring my family, spouse, and/or friend(s) with me to watch?

New tattoos are always exciting to get, but we also understand that it can be a little nerve wrecking too, especially if it’s your first tattoo. In some cases it’s okay to bring someone with you to keep you calm and give you advice on placement, etc, but try to keep your company limited to one or at the very most, two people and, depending on your artist, they may be asked to wait in the waiting area for some or all of your tattoo. Too many people crowding one space can create a safety concern when dealing with sharp materials and bio hazardous waste, and the safety of our tattoo studio is more important to us than having your friend watch you get tattooed. It’s always best to check with your artist ahead of time so you are clear of what to expect. To be perfectly honest, watching someone get tattooed is actually really boring. It’s nice to have someone with you at the very beginning, but if you’re expected to be with us for awhile, it might be a good idea to have your company go out and grab a bite to eat or have a coffee for the better part of your appointment.

Tattoo Aftercare

How to know when your tattoo is healed

While it varies from person to person, it takes approximately 2 weeks for your tattoo to initially heal. You will know it’s healed when there is no more skin flakes/scabbing present. Please do not shave over your tattoo or put any scented lotions/products on it until it is fully healed. 

Caring for my tattoo

Aftercare for your tattoo is really quite simple. Keep in mind, less is more! Here are some general guidelines to follow for the weeks following your appointment:

  • ​​​When you remove your bandage (your artist will advise on when), gently wash with warm water and a mild soap (we like Pears, Dove, or Ivory). Pat it dry with a clean towel and let it air dry afterwards. Do not put any creams or lotions on it, (just let it breathe and dry on its own) and ensure any clothes and bed sheets/blankets you use are clean.
  • Repeat this process two times per day: gently wash, pat and air dry, leave it alone. Keep it clean and away from dirt, germs, and everything else.
  • When it starts to flake or scab (usually 2-4 days after your appointment), you can use a small amount of unscented, mild lotion (like Aveeno) to ease the discomfort and dryness. Remember, less is more here – a small amount of lotion will go a long way! Do not use any scented lotions or petroleum based products (vaseline) on it.
  • Do not pick or scratch! This can and will result in poor healing and loss of ink. RESIST THE URGE.
  • Avoid the direct stream of water on your tattoo, do not soak your tattoo in water, and avoid steam for 2 weeks (ie NO baths, pools, hot tubs, saunas, and/or steam rooms)
  • Keep your tattoo out of the sun for a minimum of 2 weeks, however the longer you can keep it covered, the better. (2-3 months is ideal) After it is healed, always ensure you use a high SPF sunscreen on your tattoo to protect it from fading.
  • If you have any signs of infection (warm skin, red, swollen, and painful) – please let your artist know so we can further instruct you!

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